This photo comes from Strangling My Muse's Photo Prompt blog found at this link: It is Photo Prompt #54, and was found by the website's creator (Sandy Ackers), not me.

Unadulterated, Tainted

Like pinwheels we turned
Across the wall,
Forgetting what lie
On either side.

Innocence etched in sandstone and skin:
We were far from reality. 
Marie giggled, smiled:
I’d not seen her this happy in months. 
Cartwheels along an aging wall,
Built by use-to-be friends. 

Independence laced in mortar and breath:
We were free for a moment. 
I called for her:
“C’mon, Marie, let’s go! 
The lake’s just a bit further!
Keep up, move, move!”

Naivety branded in block and beating hearts:
We were, for an instant, kids. 
Marie’s laughter lit up the sky,
Songbirds chirped happily, flitting about the horizon
Like long-locked captives
Finally granted parole. 

Escape marked by trowel and sighs:
We were, for a moment, unchained. 
The lake on the horizon, 
A race I completed at a double-pace,
Pure, clean, untainted pond,
Touched only by nature. 

Relief found in water and strokes:
We would finally be clean.  

I called “Marie!, C’mon!” 
But she had fallen behind. 
In the middle of a warzone,
How could I lose my sister? 
Panic sketched in sirens and blood:
We were under fire. 

What would I tell Mother?