Sometimes as teachers we don't realize how much confidence we gain when a colleague recognizes us for what we are helping students achieve.

Today, during our PLC meeting, one of our school's science teachers called me aside to let me know she had worked with one of my students on some missing work when she was in during Saturday school (used for catching up on academics or discipline, depending). Her words were something similar to this: "I am so impressed with how much you are making them WRITE! It's simply awesome!" and then she went on to tell me how hard the student was working, how much annotating he was completing, and how impressed she was with my high expectations. I thanked her before the meeting began, but the compliment resurfaced all day.

This evening, we hosted a "last walk-through" in our high school before we move to our new school in December. I sought out the same science teacher, letting her know how much I genuinely appreciated her compliment, explaining how little I am recognized for what I am making happen in the classroom. This teacher, who I'll refer to from now on as Mrs. S, further complimented me after my thanks (which was not at all my motive: I simply wanted to let her know I appreciated it). Well, she then told me something every English teacher aspires to hear: "Mrs. H, I have seen so much improvement in the students' writing. The kids you had last year...their writing is already improving. This tenth grade class is one of the best I have had. We've had." We then made small talk about my high expectations and discussed how far the current ninth graders may come after having me for two years. It's comforting to know other teachers notice how you are helping students improve in all classes. Definitely a compliment "for the books".

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