Because that's exactly what this is: an opportunity for you, as a fellow educator, to put my practices under the microscope, ask me questions, watch my journey with NxG and Common Core, and to help you understand that you're not the only teacher out there worried about her potential success (or failure) with "New Education." This is our opportunity as educators to discuss what works with one may not work with another or what works well in general. Why not create a such a resource? I'm excited to be that "url".

Later, I intend to post about the purpose (goal) of Common Core. Most of you out there have already been exposed to what exactly its intentions are, but I've always learned it's best to start from the beginning.

Topics to be discussed in the next entry:

  •  How the NxG/Common Core movement can help the West Virginia Student
  • The ability for this educational movement to empower
  • The role of the teacher with NxG/Common Core
  • States that have moved to Common Core
  • How this is changing education

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